Skilled Chefs

The Cooks Decameron: Sweets and Cakes

No. 222. Zabajone

Ingredients: Eggs, sugar, Marsala, Maraschino or other light- coloured liqueur, sponge fingers.

Zabajone is a kind of syllabub. It is made with Marsala and Maraschino, or Marsala and yellow Chartreuse. Reckon the quantities as follows: for each person the yolks of three eggs, one teaspoonful of castor sugar to each egg, and a wine-glass of wine and liqueur mixed. Whip up the yolks of the eggs with the sugar, then gradually add the wine. Put this in a bain-marie, and stir until it has thickened to the consistency of a custard. Take care, however, that it does not boil. Serve hot in custard glasses, and hand sponge fingers with it.

Recipe from the "The Cook's Decameron" book (Free Electronic Text).

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