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To make good light paste requires much practice; as it is not only from the proportions, but from the manner of mixing the various ingredients, that paste acquires its good or bad qualities.

Paste should be worked up very lightly, and no strength or pressure used; it should be rolled out _from you_, as lightly as possible. A marble slab is better than a board to make paste on.

The flour should be dried for some time before the fire previously to being used. In forming it into paste it should be wetted as little as possible, to prevent its being tough. It is a great mistake to imagine _lard_ is better adapted for pastry than butter or clarified fat; it may make the paste lighter, but neither the color nor the flavor will be nearly so good, and the saving is extremely trifling.

To ensure lightness, paste should be set in the oven directly it is made.

Puff paste requires a brisk oven.

Butter should be added to the paste in small pieces.

The more times the paste is folded and rolled, if done with a light hand and the butter added with skill, the richer and lighter it will prove. It is no longer customary to line the dish for pies and fruit tarts.

Recipe from the "The Jewish Manual" book (Free Electronic Text).

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