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The Cooks Decameron: Omelettes And Other Egg Dishes

No. 202. Uova ripiene (Canapes of Egg)

Ingredients: Eggs, butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg, cheese, parsley, mushrooms, Bechamel and Espagnole sauce, stock.

Boil as many eggs as you want hard, and cut them in half lengthwise; take out the yolks and mix them with some fresh butter, salt, pepper, very little nutmeg, grated cheese, a little chopped parsley, and cooked mushrooms also chopped. Then mix two tablespoonsful of good Bechamel sauce (No. 3) with the raw yolk of one or two eggs and add it to the rest. Put all in a saucepan with an ounce of butter and good stock, then fill up the white halves with the mixture, giving them a good shape; heat them in a bain- marie, and serve with a very good clear Espagnole sauce (No. 1).

Recipe from the "The Cook's Decameron" book (Free Electronic Text).

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